Touch For Health


“There is an innate intelligence governing the body. This intelligence is connected to the universal intelligence running the universe”.

John Thie, DC



The Values of Touch For Health are: kindness, helpfulness, efficacy and simplicity.


Touch for Health was created in the 70’s by an American chiropractor Dr John Thie, DC.
It is based on the research of Georges Goodheart, founder of Applied Kinesiology used by healthcare professionnals.
TFH is a simple technique to assess and balance posture and energy in the acupuncture meridians through dialogue, muscle testing and touch reflexes.



TFH is a holistic method focusing on Wellness and Self-Responsability. It is a non-diagnostic approach.
This practice was called Energy Kinesiology or Specialized Kinesiology.
Many kinesiologists in the world have created other techniques of Specialised Kinesiology based on Touch For Health.
TFH is used in more than 80 countries worldwide.
The teaching of TFH is directed by the International Kinesiology College which maintains standards of TFH and certifies instructors.

A useful technique accessible to all.
John Thie wanted to create a technique available for everyone who wants to take care of their health in a natural way.
TFH was created to be used in families and with friends.
TFH is a simple and safe technique which provides really powerful results.


“Touch for Health has become a way of life and the name of a large family of positive, happy, loving people”. Bruce A. J. Dewe M.D.


Consultant in TFH
In 2013 IKC set standards for Touch For Health Consultants.
A TFH consultant is trained to do private sessions to the public, according to the values of TFH and following the self-responsability and educational model.

Here are the minimum requirement for TFH Consultant as established by the International Kinesiology College:

  • TFH Synthesis
  • TFH Proficiency
  • TFH Training Workshop
  • Other TFH School endorsed classes (if desired)
  • TFH workbook programme and / or repeat classroom hours of the TFH Synthesis or TFH Casework Training (optional)
  • Supervised practicum
  • Minimum one case study of one person through at least four sessions
  • Practice management / ethics (minimum 1 day or 7.5 hours training) specifically, safe practice / health safety / infection control and that Practice Management comply with the minimum standards required in each country.
  • Competency assessment