La Voie de l’Intégration Essentielle


“We are dust of stars”

Hubert Reeves


To find out Harmony within yourself and with the others and live consistently with the Universe!



Arc en ciel VIE (1)

The purpose of this method is to explain how the brain works.
Why sometimes we do things while we would like to do something else? Sometimes self-defensive reactions get the better of our freedom of action.
Our intellect gives us many “good reasons” to do or not do things. But it just tries to keep us alive. That is SURVIVAL but not LIFE!
We often listen to these “good reasons” but we forget the needs of our Soul, the essential part of ourselves!

This method gives information to help us understand WHY we have difficulties to reach our goal. Then we use interesting tools to balance the different levels of the brain  :
– the reptilian brain to avoid a real danger and do not fight or flee when it’s not necessary.
– the emotional brain (limbic) to manage our emotions
– the intellect (neocortex) to act in the best way
– the prefrontal cortex to listen to the needs of our SOUL and move forward on our path with confidence.

When we know how the brain works we are more tolerant with ourselves AND with the others.
If many people understand that the priority of the brain is to keep us alive and defend our territory by dominating the others they can choose to leave these attitudes and move towards better communication and more humanity.
V.I.E. helps us discover the essential meaning of our life.


See French version for more details about each level.