Available courses at L’éklé Kinesiology Institute

All the courses are taught in French.

  • Touch For Health (75 hours)
  • La Voie de l’Intégration Essentielle (V.I.E.) (128 hours)
  • Ethics in kinesiology (21 hours)
  • Ethics and practice management of the TFH Consultant (14 hours)
  • Anatomy and physiology courses (60 hours)
  • Supervised practicum

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Touch For Health (TFH)

Instructor: Corinne Luc

Touch For Health was created in The United States at the beginning of the 1970s by Dr John Thie, DC. Touch For Health has been the first kinesiology technique available to people who have no previous training in healthcare.

Touch For Health is a system of balancing the flow of energy in acupuncture meridians, improves posture, reduces tensions and stress and helps being more efficient.

This course includes 5 levels (75 hours) named TFH synthesis 1-4 and Touch For Health Metaphors.

Each two-day level brings new skills that can be immediately used by students.

Touch For Health is part of professional kinesiologists training program but can also be used by anyone who wants to take care of their health or help their friends and family.

Touch For Health is a safe and easy technique very useful in daily life.

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TFH synthesis and TFH metaphors are taught according to the official program of the International Kinesiology College (IKC).


La Voie de l’Intégration Essentielle (V.I.E.)

Instructor: Corinne Luc

V.I.E. is a French technique created by Serge Kernilis, practitioner, Kinesiology instructor and author of two books on kinesiology.

The course is made up of eight two-day levels.

This technique is easy to learn for the students and very useful for kinesiology professionnals.

V.I.E. helps us find out “who we are”, our real identity beyond appearances and the roles that we are playing everyday.

This technique helps us find the essential meaning of our life and take the right place with others.

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 Ethics in Kinesiology (two different courses)

Instructor: Corinne Luc

Ethics of Kinesiologists (21 hours)

This 3-day course was created by Corinne Luc.

It is part of the professional kinesiologists training.

Pre-requisite : open to anyone who has taken 60 hours of training in kinesiology.

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Ethics and practice management of the TFH Consultant (two days – 14 hours)

As required by International Kinesiology College (IKC)

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Manon et Oscar Fev 2017

Anatomy and physiology

Instructor: Manon Romano and Oscar, her assistant.

Level 1: Skeleton and uper body muscles

Level 2: Skeleton and lower body muscles

Level 3: Nervous system

Level 4: Cardiovascular system and digestive system